Welcome 2021! As we celebrate our 19th year, Our team has designed the Racer XXI for a new generation of global watch enthusiasts whom yearn for affordable luxury. Thank you!

Racing into 2021  🏁
In 2008, after Ritmo Mundo became the official timepiece of the IndyCar league, we developed the 46 mm IndyCar watch. In 2015, we created the second generation watch – entitled the Racer at 44 mm.
Now as we approach our 19th year, the 3rd generation of the series – we are happy to delighted to introduce RACER XXI.
At 44 mm, the watches are configured with 4 different dial configurations and strap options housing Rhonda Swiss Chronographs.
The first Racer XXI features both a classic Retro dial configuration available with bordeaux colors and deep ocean blue colors. The second Racer XXI is a Modern Bold approach dial available in a black and rose gold configurations.
The third Racer XXI design is an Art Deco inspired dial with open configuration for the 30 minute chronograph counter. A mother of Pearl pink version is reminiscent of a 2009 pink mother of Pearl IndyCar that sold out immediately.
Finally, a few years back, we made the limited edition 5555 dial design inspired by the late Jerry Weintraub concept that its 5 o’clock somewhere for a drink. Those distinct watches were exclusively designed for the Prostate Cancer Foundation. Given that not even our founder, Ali Soltani, has one of these limited edition pieces, we made the 5555 again for XXI for him and his friends who want one.
Already in production are the limited edition @oliver.wheldon & @sebastianwheldon versions. These remarkable designs by the young racers are truly an art meets machine piece.
All the above models will soon be available for reservation online and through our network of authorized dealers domestically and internationally. Stay tuned for details on these next generation – XXI auto-racing inspired collectible time machines.

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