Founded on the principles that design and fashion is afforded to all lifestyles.
We dare you to tell time differently.

There is a Rhythm of the Earth, Ritmo Mundo tapping time for us to hear, if we listen. It moves without skipping a beat, no matter where we are, keeping time for us, keeping the forward motion steady. There is a rhythm about time. There are sunsets and sunrises and high tides and low tides, nighttime and daytime, around the globe, keeping time with a common denominator, Earth’s time. Like the name, Ritmo Mundo watches have become known for time and rhythm – moving in sync with the Earth’s momentum.

Founded in 2002, Ritmo Mundo watches were first exclusively designed and manufactured in Italy.  A passion for art and architecture, driven by a love of timepieces, led to the very first model.  Inspired by the timepieces of the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s and infused with a distinctly modern flair, Ritmo Mundo watches are the perfect balance of contemporary and classic designs.

The key to Ritmo Mundo’s rapid worldwide adoption is two fold – first, the uniqueness, versatility and incomparable craftsmanship behind the watches themselves, which Vogue Magazine refers to as “Where Juicy Couture meets Rolex” highlighting the watches’ chic playful style sensibilities and quality construction.  Secondly, the brand has the ability to quickly respond to current fashion trends while maintaining a product of the utmost quality.

Headquarter in famed Beverly Hills, California Ritmo has become synonymous with Hollywood studios, elite celebrities and VIP clients. In fact, the very first Ritmo watch collection the Gran Data Model 021 was inspired by and created at the request of legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor. The Ritmo office became a private showroom where clients could comfortably visit, shop and create without the disruption of the paparazzi.

Ritmo   Mundo has remained true to being individualistic and unbound by  re-conceived  filters  about  watch  design. The uber-competitive  watch  universe  is  often protective  of  the  marketplace.  Despite the challenges, Ritmo Mundo has been able to synthesize our offerings to remain a preeminent brand within the watch industry where our clients’ success remains our success.


Ali Soltani – Founder and President

 “The question I am asked daily is: ‘why is everyone wearing this watch?’my reply, “it’s fun, its hip, its young, and no matter your age you can see it!”

It is not often that you meet someone 50+ who can speak in the past tense of successful careers as both a lawyers and as a Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive store owner in addition to serving as elected President of the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce, being the father of five children, and creating a flourishing watch company in a world full of renown, decades old brands!

Raised in Beverly Hills, Mr. Soltani chose to remain in the Los Angeles area to attend local universities, UCLA, and Loyola Law School.  After graduation, he began his legal tenure at Sulmeyer, Kupetz, Baumann, & Rothman where he specialized in bankruptcy and business law. Mr. Soltani parlayed his legal knowledge of business into hands-on experience with the purchase, along with his father and brother, of Beverly Hills stalwart retailer, David Orgell. In conjunction with his family, Ali Soltani provided the necessary leadership and direction to ensure the lucrative operation of the company.

As a successful retailer working day to day with both the various vendors and with the retail customer Mr. Soltani was aware of the marketplace and realized that there was room for a fun, colorful, and affordable watch. He also recognized that in today’s world most people enjoy having watch options just as they maintain an assortment of clothing, shoes, and various other accessories. This concept of “watch wardrobing” is now hotter than ever.

“Gone are the days of owning just one watch,” Soltani explains, “A watch is the best form of personal expression and with a growing emphasis on individuality, people want to change their watches similar to the way they change their clothes.”

Ali  Soltani’s passions for  racing,  soccer,  and  love  has motivated  him and his team over the past 16 years.   With a micro-perspective, yet in touch with consumers globally, Ali has traveled to over 100 countries to  build  Ritmo Mundo  into  a  pre-eminent  niche-brand with  tentacles  not  only  watches  and  jewelry,  but  in  sports, architecture, and contemporary tastes.