our watch



the beginning

ponto - 2002

You first see the words Idea Italiana written on the dial. Ritmo’s first factory was based in Milan, Italy and the inflluence lives on today.

gand data - 2003

Actress and legend Elizabeth Taylor was the inspiration behind the first Gran Data model and the purple dial was in tribute to her violet eyes. She was a avid Ritmo supporter and true friend.


palazzo - 2004

The watch really made famous by “Ari Gold” in the HBO hit series Entourage. Many Ritmo collections made appearnance throughout the years but Jeremy Piven wore this one best.

divina - 2005

This case style became so popular that studio executives wanted more. It was customized for the Oceans 11, 12 and 13 franchise special editions as well as Randy Jackson’s Rockstar watch.


impero- 2006

One of the rare few watches built using a stainlees steel bracelet. The look was industrial, bold and strong.

indy car 2007

Out of this partnership came legendary brand ambassadors of the Indycar sport such as Helio Castroneves, Dan Wheldon, Ryan Hunter Reay, Milko Duno and Marco Andtretti just to name a few.



The first concept for the orbital case design was drawn on a napkin at a restaurant by Ritmo founder Ali Soltani.

Working with a design team the patented orbital case produced both quartz and automatic version and the Persepolis collection is recognized around the globe for its innovative and recognizable design.


Persepolis, which UNESCO declared a World Heritage Site in 1979, was the ceremonial capital of the Persian Empire during the Achaemenid dynasty


puzzle - 2010

The Puzzle also has 9 moveable square parts that move to allow different portions of the watch to be revealed. Or, if you are bored, you can play the puzzle game.

dual time PERSEPOLIS SPECIAL edition - 2011

We love sports. And in tribute to our NBA Los Angeles Lakers we created a black case version with vibrant purple dial on one side and yellow golden on the other side. Of course legend Magic Johnson got his hands on it first!


reflex - 2012

We new the love of the nostalic slap bracelet was huge and being able to house a watch inside an industrial silicone band was a design dream.

quantum - 2013

After years of research, development, and market studies Ritmo Mundo gives genesis to Quantum. Quantum consists of three styles: Quantum I, Quantum II and Quantum III. A substantial departure from the past as the design team delves into a new physics of watch making. Quantum represents a celestial metaphysical direction for the brand with models that epitomize design, style, and value.



The retro look was becoming hot again and these cases reminded us of vintage pocket watches.

racer - 2015

The updated version to the Indycar series watch featuring a smaller 44mm high polish stainless steel and IP cases, Swiss Ronda quartz chronograph movement, matte dial and signature tire tread strap.